The craftswoman pokleila sticky tape on the wall and began to paint. The result will amaze you

A single-colored wall is rather boring, and over time you want to diversify the interior of such a room. This is especially true of rooms in which the walls are painted in light, close to white. One craftswoman showed ingenuity and tried to diversify the interior of the room with the help of ... simple adhesive tape and several cans of paint. Look at the result below - it will certainly impress you!

An expert in the work needed an adhesive tape, as well as a blank (a form made of cardboard) of future hexagons, a ruler and a pencil, so that the figures on the wall turned out to be even. She began to mark hexagons on the wall and cut them around with adhesive tape.

It seems that this will take a lot of time, but in fact the woman spent the whole work no more than two days (including painting the walls). So, when the entire walls (or walls) are lined with adhesive tape, it will be time to take the brush, paint and create in your hand! The main thing here is to choose a number of colors that will be combined with each other and look appropriate.

Duct tape is a delineator. When the whole wall is painted and dry, you can remove the tape and the work is finished! Look at the result:

More detailed work is shown in the video below: