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5 secrets of how to appear in the photo above and slimmer

What girls just don't do to get better photos. There are many special applications that promise for example to lengthen your legs. Unfortunately, using them you risk falling into an awkward situation. Together with the figure, part of the background can stretch out, which will draw attention to the fact that the photo has been processed. To avoid becoming an object of ridicule, arm yourself with an arsenal of safe ways to improve your photos.

Take pictures in motion

Let everything look as if the photographer caught you while you were walking. This posture will give the photo dynamics, and make the legs visually longer. Among other things, the muscles of the legs during movement are more tense than in a calm state, which creates the effect of tightness. If you need a more static posture, use the transverse step, keeping the leg aside.

Wear things of the same color.

Use for the photo shoot sets of one fabric or one main thing: a dress or overalls. Your figure will not be "cut" by any horizontal stripes, including the borders of different shades.

Cross your legs

Many stars constantly use this technique, both during a meeting with the paparazzi on a daily walk, and on the red carpet. With such a pose, the legs are a little closer to the lens, the size of the shoe visually decreases, and the growth increases. Among other things, such a statement of the feet flatters any figure.

Let the photographer takes the bottom

In this position, your legs are again closer to the lens, which adds extra length. Do not forget to tilt your head slightly so that the outline of the face does not come out smeared.

Choose high waisted pants

Your legs will appear longer, the higher the belt line is. This rule also works with skirts.

Adopt optical illusions

Ask the photographer to shoot you in such a way that you are much more than all the other objects in the frame. The trees in the background, which should seem very small, will work perfectly.

Now, armed with these tricks, you can safely go on a photo shoot.