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DIY decorative pillow knot

If you want to bring a zest to the interior of the house, then there is nothing better than the original pillow node, which will not only make the house more comfortable, but will also surprise your guests. Even those who have never sewed anything will be able to cope with the task. See a detailed workshop and start creating.

For work you will need:

  • 2 pairs of knit tights
  • 3 meters of a synthetic winterizer
  • thread with a needle
  • scissors
  • toilet paper sleeve

We proceed to the manufacture of:

1. Cut off the sock, gum pantyhose and cut along the seam line. You will have 2 oblong knitted tubes that need to be turned inside out.

2. Sew the holes in the pipes by hand or with a sewing machine.

3. Turn one part of the pantyhose inside out, and the other stick it inwards face up. Sew the edges.

4. To make it easier to fill the pillow with padding polyester, use a toilet paper bushing and a long spoon or rolling pin.

5. Now the most interesting thing is tying our pipe into a knot. Here you can show imagination.

6. Connect the remaining ends and sew. Our celtic knot pillow is ready!

Such an unusual pillow is hard not to notice, and it is not difficult to make it.