The master

We turn ordinary jeans into designer ones. Needle and scissors are not needed.

Stylish touches make the image irresistible. Lovers of denim always have the opportunity to show individuality. Very little effort, and the usual model turns into a designer. You can add jeans with an original drawing of a lighter tone or you can put an ornament on them with an ordinary brush in your hands. The complexity of the pattern depends on the desires and skills of drawing. The main thing is to choose a pattern in advance and act quickly. And the result of the work can be admired in a few hours.

Update jeans with tassels in hand. To work on the update jeans will need artistic tassels made of artificial fibers and liquid bleach, which includes chlorine.

The drawing is applied on clean ironed jeans with a brush lavishly soaked in bleach. If you plan to apply the ornament on both sides, it is better to divide the work into two stages. In any case, it is worthwhile to take care of the barrier so that the drawing does not appear where it should not be. Inside you can put the usual plastic bags or parchment. For very tight denim, such a precaution would be superfluous.

You should not choose an excessively thin or complex pattern.

For greater clarity and a pronounced contrast, you can use the brush to repeat the already finished pattern.

When the drawing is complete, you need to straighten your jeans and give the bleach a little time for exposure.

Further jeans must be well rinsed and dried.

Stylish new dress ready!

We'll have to suffer a little chlorine smell, but the result is worth it. Ideally, such work is best done in the open air or in a well-ventilated area.