How to update your wardrobe without spending a penny

Ideas - how to cross a sweater with a blouse

Allowed to simultaneously change the size - to make it more or less. Good ideas for reworking clothes for a teenage girl, a student and just a needlewoman.

Great idea! Two huge sweaters, arms to legs, pockets in the neck and you are in the openwork!

The effect of double-layer, due to the insert on the front. And as a detail, instead of a lace - a scarf.

You can combine a sweater and a dress

It seems to be a jacket worn over the dress. An, no!)))

In my opinion, you can not bother with the alteration of the dress, just sew on the sides of the jacket, divided into two parts (with a cut-off collar and part of the front shelf - button fastening).

If you undo the dress and sew parts of the jacket - as in the photo - you can increase the dress in the chest.

You can apply just such a replacement back chiffon. In fact, from the jacket remained just in front, the strap and sleeves.

The method can be applied not only to increase the size, but also to repair, as well as to use as a basis for hoodie or pullover

You can take a t-shirt instead of a sweater

Instead of chiffon you can sew contrasting flounces to the elastic band

You can cut a cardigan on the sides and back, set it on a blouse or make separate inserts

You can make inserts only in the side seams.

You can make inserts in the side seams and make a pocket from the same fabric

It is possible to extend the stripes, similar in texture.

You can cut the cuff and make inserts from another fabric.

Option for the period of pregnancy (or if you are fat)