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How to just remove the old wallpaper from the walls? Take three easy steps

Removing old wallpaper is a simple affair, however, it is extremely laborious, especially if thin wallpaper is “firmly” glued to the PVA glue, and even in several layers, to the wall. To glue new wallpapers over old ones is, of course, a way out, however, numerous layers of old wallpapers form fertile ground for mold and various insects, which is especially dangerous if small children live in the house. Fungus on the walls is a common cause of childhood allergies. To eliminate this possibility and once and for all remove old wallpaper from the walls, take three simple steps and make your work easier.

Procedures before work begins

Before you begin to peel the wallpaper off the walls, ease the task of cleaning up further and, of course, carry out a series of necessary safety measures. Turn off electricity, remove all outlet covers, if any, on the wall, and tape the sockets, switches, and wires. Stick the polyethylene film to the skirting board so that at the end of the work the cleaning does not take away your last strength.

Step # 1: Prepare the right tools for the job.

To remove old wallpaper from the wall, you may need the following tools:

  • knife width 7-15 cm;
  • wide metal spatula;
  • plastic bottle with a spray (spray);
  • hot water bucket;
  • ladder;
  • dishwashing liquid.

To facilitate your task in particularly difficult areas where the wallpaper does not want to move away from the walls, you can additionally use a fabric softener, which you need to add in a small amount of hot water, and apply the resulting solution with a spray on a difficult area. Wallpaper should be removed immediately, while the wall is wet and heated from hot water.

Step # 2: check a small area

Before using the spray with hot water and dishwashing detergent, try to peel off the dry wallpaper. To do this, pry the edge with a spatula and hold the knife under the wallpaper, trying not to touch the plaster. The most convenient way to remove the wallpaper from top to bottom. When you remove most of the wallpaper, splash the water over the surface again, then remove the remnants of old wallpaper and glue with a damp sponge and dry the wall with a towel.

Step number 3: approximately think for how long it will take to remove all the wallpaper

You checked a small section of the wall, tried to remove the wallpaper and saw what you have to work with (perhaps thin wallpaper, old glue, several layers, etc.). It is possible that at one time to remove all the wallpaper does not work, because this work is exhausting and exhausting. Perform it in stages, do not rush, so as not to damage the plaster and the walls with a knife or spatula. Working with the sprayer is very easy and fast, however, you must remove the wallpaper while it is still wet, since it dries quite quickly. A small area at a time - and then you will cope with old wallpaper faster and easier.