For the House and Cottages

By cutting old jeans into fragments, you can do a charming thing for the house.

Old jeans are often laid in the far corner of the cabinet and forgotten for a long time. No matter what caused it - wear, shrinkage or other reasons, one thing is important - the valuable material is dusty and not used to good use. Let's fix the situation and, having cut the jeans into fragments, we will make a charming rug for the house or the dacha out of it! It is not a shame to give such an odd job and donate - the denim mat looks so impressive. We offer you several interesting designs!

Patchwork style

This is a fairly popular option for recycling old jeans and denim shirts. It should be cut denim into identical squares and sew together. Best of all look rugs, sewn from jeans of different shades.

With ruffles

Such a fluffy rug pleases with its appearance and is an incredibly original decor! To get such a rug, you should cut the jeans into identical pieces and, folding them in half, sew to some basis.

Of braids

Very simple weaving option, which even a beginning needlewoman can handle. To do this, cut the jeans into long strips and begin to weave a classic pigtail, weaving patches into each other. At the end of the work, a snail is rolled out of a long pigtail, which is fastened with threads. Playing with shades is a pleasure!

Knitted rug

If you are not new to knitting, then look at the idea to create a knitted rug of jeans. Your “yarn” is cut into long strips, interconnected and gathered into a ball pieces of denim.

Woven rug

For those who are keen on weaving, such a charming rug made on a loom will be a curious idea. By the way, you can easily make it yourself from a wooden frame and nails. Usually, rugs are woven together in classic chess weaving, although here there is a real space for imagination!

For those who liked the idea of ​​denim mats, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the video on the topic: