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The magnificence of silver: stylish hairstyle ideas for gray hair

Many women paint over gray hair, because they believe gray hair is not aesthetic and elegant. Nevertheless, the current trend for gray or silver hair is preserved for a long time - intentional dyeing in gray (silver) color, including using various techniques (measuring, balayazh). Look at 33 great and successful hairstyle ideas for gray (silver) hair:

Warm shade of gray hair

Amazing silver tone

Deep gray with silver tints

Silver gray and ash brown hair color

Bold repainting in silver color

Ash gray cool shade

This year's ash-gray

Snow-white hair of medium length

Soft smoky silver-gray highlights on dark hair

The fusion of dark and light silver

Dark gray hair with sparse white strands

Gray shade with a slight lavender tint on dark hair

Pure gray also looks pretty good.

Ash gray: neutral color

Steel gray with ombre effect

Delightful soft play of silver, white and black

Metallic gray hair color

Magic strands, agree?

Light ash blond with silver tint

Perfect silver hair

Nice gray tint and color tonic

New gray shade for hair

Metallic pearl gray hair color

Vanilla silver shade

Pure gray shade for medium hair length

Neutral tone

Shade of silver blond

Fashionable coloring for 2019

Platinum Silver

White with gray tint

Long gray curls

Gray shade in balayazh style