For the House and Cottages

Excellent dressing for indoor plants

Potted plants need to be fed, especially flowers. Best of all, of course, use natural fertilizers. What is surprising: often what we are accustomed to throw away, it turns out to be an excellent fertilizer for indoor plants.

Onion Husk

Summer residents have long been aware of its properties, however, the husks are great for houseplants. A decoction of the husk helps to fight with aphids and spider mites. Proportions take 1: 2, where 1 part of the husk and 2 parts of water.

Orange peel

It makes a good fertilizer. To do this, one-liter jar is filled with a crust on a third, poured boiling water, insist day and watered houseplants with the resulting mixture.

Coffee grounds

It is mixed together with the soil to change the acidity of the soil and slightly loosen it. Also, flowers can be fed tea brewing.


It is enough to carry out such feeding once every two or three weeks. 1-2 tsp are taken for a glass of water. Sahara. This mixture is very ficus.


Ash is preferable to use hardwood trees. However, the most nutritious is the ashes of grass and grass plants. On average, a bucket of water takes 100 grams of ash, insists for a day, mix and water the plants.

Banana peel

Banana peel can be used as a fertilizer in the "fresh" crushed form, and in dried or baked. To keep it longer, pre-banana skins can be cut and baked in the oven.

Aquarium water

It is soft water, which is ideal for watering indoor plants in early spring.


Purified shells are crushed and added to the plant in small portions in the soil, saturating the soil with calcium. It should be added occasionally, since the shell decomposes rather slowly.


They make a good growth stimulator for indoor plants. To do this, the usual pack of yeast is dissolved in 5 liters of warm water and the plants are watered with them. Especially love this dressing flowers.