For the House and Cottages

That the blanket does not interfere: the original way of storing bedding

In conditions when every centimeter is expensive, it is not always possible to carve out a place for bulky items. Meanwhile, even in a one-room apartment, if desired, it is easy to “hide” warm blankets that become unnecessary in the summer or bedding available in the arsenal in case guests arrive. The idea is simple - hide, leaving it in sight!

Decorative covers - convenient storage of bedding

A cut of fabric, zipper, and a bit of free time is all that is needed for the project. Then everything depends only on the imagination and the number of blankets and pillows that need to be hidden. A covered blanket can become a soft ottoman seat, and a pair of covers with soft contents can be easily turned into a comfortable chair.

If desired, it is easy to equip a cozy place to rest on the loggia. Soft "pillows" will be here simply indispensable.

No one can interfere with experimenting with shape and size. If necessary, you can put several pillows or blankets at the same time inside the cover.