6 small changes to make your home look beautiful

A cozy home is often built thanks to the details that we bring. Of course, fresh renovation and new furniture are important, but without light grinding, which gives individuality, the house will remain faceless. You can make rooms more comfortable in several ways.


Changing textiles is the easiest way to change a room. You can change the upholstery of furniture, add bright color pillows to the sofa.

If you like curtains, try a non-standard option. For example, with an unusual weave, bright colors.

Holders of forever cold feet can be advised mats. They can be made independently from scrap things.


Light is incredibly important for creating a cozy atmosphere in the house. Alas, natural lighting is not always present in sufficient quantities, especially among residents of modern high-rise buildings. Therefore, it is important to add it with color.

Prefer light monotonous shades that visually make the space less dark. Do not skimp on sources of artificial lighting. Their combination will help to create a different atmosphere: from bright light for study, to muffled for romantic evenings.

An additional option in the category of light can be candles. If you have a spacious living room, you can think about installing an artificial fireplace.

Pictures and photos

Pictures and photos need to be selected taking into account the general interior. Minimalist posters are unlikely to fit into the rococo style.

However, to arrange a museum from the walls is also not worth it. Play around with the size of pictures and photos. Combine them into small compositions. It is better not to use massive frames, they greatly eat up the space.

Update your usual

Repair does not always involve the complete disposal of old things. If the refrigerator still works well, why throw it out? Does he no longer fit into the interior? Update it using decorative films or tapes.

If classic IKEA shelves or dressers seem too boring to you, add colors to them with paint or unusual bright wallpapers that glue the inside.


Despite the large variety in the furniture and decoration stores, it is not always possible to find something that fits perfectly or matches your personality.

Do not be afraid to make decorative items yourself. There are a huge number of tutorials with detailed instructions. And the result is likely to be indistinguishable from the store.


Smell is an important component of a cozy home. Often, we say "it smells like a house." To create your own unique fragrance, use scented candles and chopsticks.

And lovers of all natural should pay attention to the flowers. It can be as freshly cut, and indoor plants with beautiful, stuffy flowers.