These things will add you a dozen years and spoil the natural beauty

A woman can be attractive regardless of age. And yet, to reveal its beauty completely, you need to know some secrets. It's a shame when annoying blunders reduce to "no" efforts to look luxurious. To achieve the desired you need not so much: to reconsider the wardrobe and choose the right accessories.

Things that can stick in wheels on the road to perfection

Some tissues are associated with maturity. A good example would be Jacquard, Lurex, brocade. Care should be taken when choosing clothing from these materials.

What a pity, but fashionable tweed is also referred to as age “fabrics”. It does not mean at all that it is necessary to impose a taboo on things from it. But a set of buying them just is not worth it.

Baggy clothing, completely concealing the silhouette, is able to throw a few years, even the owner of the perfect figure. A worthy way out of the situation exists. To a loose blouse, it is worth picking up tight trousers or skirts, and wide trousers to combine with fitted top.

Wardrobe needs to be updated! Even if a dress bought 5 years ago looks perfect, you should not wear it. The exceptions are basic things. These include a little black dress, classic blazers and even jeans.

Too motley outfit is not always appropriate. If you do not want to be like an aunt from the village, it is better to avoid “screaming” prints.

It is not always necessary to pay for beauty and youth, but in the case of glasses this is the case. An accessory in a cheap, cheap frame can add not only 5, but even 10 years to the age. This is only Harry Potter in his glasses remains forever young, the rest they are aging.

A bag of style matched to the tone will not add a style, but a couple of years can throw it. Much more interesting contrasts. A bright bag can become an accent by itself, and shoes are better to match the clothes.

If your wardrobe has a lot of free-cut dresses, then people around you on a subconscious level can decide what you have to hide. Completely exclude comfortable and practical things from the wardrobe is not worth it, but also turn them into everyday ones too.

Earthy shades are also not the best option. The prevalence in the wardrobe of such clothes is important if you want to merge with the crowd and turn into a gray mouse. Brown, gray and marsh are insidious colors that can not only make the figure heavier, but also make the health-giving beauty into a person with an obvious indisposition.

Too lush hairstyle can add not only volume, but a few years in addition. There is no need to let others think that you have sparse hair or balding hair.

No matter how attractive pearls sparkle, it is not devoid of deceit. Necklace made of this stone can throw a few years, even mature women. You shouldn’t be particularly upset, massive pearl jewelry is not trendy now.

By the way, jewelry sets are also out of fashion. Much more effective will not look set, and individual accessories, harmoniously combined with each other.

Remember this strange fashion that made things look like furniture upholstery? Not surprisingly, she did not last long.

When clothes "lost weight" or you have recovered, you need to decide something. Wearing smaller items is strictly prohibited! This not only adds years, but in addition treacherously emphasizes the flaws in the figure.

And finally, straighten your shoulders and try to keep yourself as even as possible. You will see, it is not difficult. In addition, poor posture also makes you older, and in addition does not have the best effect on self-esteem.