For the plot

All on the kebabs! The most interesting braziers to give

Spring comes into its own, and the warm days will soon soon be replaced by windy and rainy weather. So it's time to gather outdoors for a friendly barbecue. Do not be in a hurry to give preference to an inexpensive barbecue from a supermarket that does not last even a season. An interesting building can not only be comfortable and functional, but also become a highlight of the site. Some ideas are suitable even for a very limited budget.

Hanging grill on the chains is convenient to fold and clean for storage. It can accommodate several levels at once and cook at different temperatures.

Kazan suitable for those who have mastered oriental cuisine. The rest can be strongly advised to meet her soon!

A stationary brazier is ideal for a spacious plot. All the necessary utensils can be placed here.

The easiest option. Tripod in this design simply goes deep into the ground.

Modest and tasteful. Fold the bricks in such a roaster can not be held together with a solution. In this case, in the winter it can be easily removed from the site.

For people without preconceptions may not be the most standard option. At the top of the old plumbing can be placed ice to cool drinks.

A concrete chafing dish will fit into the design of the laconic plot. Metal parts for the winter can be removed to save from rust.

Mobile complex can be put anywhere on the site.

A couple of additional accessories will significantly expand the range of dishes that you can cook.

Recycling is fashionable and very practical! Old wheels still serve you.

Designs of this type may, among other things, look very presentable.

A regular tripod is also very convenient. Add a few simple gadgets to cook the whole meal.

Permanent classics, a brazier with a built-in grill is a time tested option.

Meat can not only be fried, but also smoked. It will take much more time, but the result is worth it!

A small wheel will help fry the meat evenly from all sides.

Another option multifunctional barbecue. If necessary, it is quite easy to transport.

And the easiest option that you can build yourself. Split the log, connect it with wire, and in the inner part fill the liquid for ignition. The improvised roaster is ready!