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Brilliant idea for the site: how to grow 100 kg of potatoes per 1 square. square

When the area is very limited (or occupied), you have to invent something new. This idea belongs to the category of successful ones, as it allows to grow up to 50 kg of potato crop on an infinitely small territory (up to 0.5 sq. M.)! The secret lies in the design for the plant.

Prepare peat (can be diluted with sand, chalk), potatoes and a couple of wooden boards. From the latter, it is necessary to hammer such a construction:

As can be seen from the diagram, everything is quite simple. The soil is poured into the fenced construction, potatoes are planted. As soon as the plant has reached 15 cm in height, another side is added to the structure to shield the potatoes. The soil is sprinkled on top and potatoes are planted again. Usually, the procedure continues up to 4-5 tiers. Consider that the more tiers you make, the stronger the load on the plants from below will be, therefore it is not recommended to get involved. The total construction height reaches approximately 50 cm.

This method can very quickly grow new potatoes, moreover, in large enough quantities. Digging potatoes is also not necessary - it is enough to disassemble the structure and pour out the crop. Work on this method also greatly reduced.