Zodiac nightlight, from which everyone will be delighted

Fall asleep every night under the stars in the truest sense of the word. Simple to make, but interesting night light will easily decorate the room of both an adult and a child.

What is required

  • black canvas;
  • printed zodiac sign;
  • drawing pin;
  • garland;
  • silver marker;
  • ruler.


Place the printed zodiac sign on canvas.

Pierce all the places where stars are located in the constellation with a pushpin, piercing the canvas at the same time.

Delete the image. Using a ruler and a marker, draw lines that recreate the image of the mark.

Stretch the garland. Depending on the size of the canvas and the printout, its length will vary.

Turn the canvas over and begin to distribute the lights on the prepared holes. One in each.

So that the wires do not protrude strongly on the back, you can fix them with scotch tape. Hang the picture or place it on the bedside table and connect it to the network.

That's it, the night light is ready! By the way, a good version of a hand-made gift.