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Design tricks: 20 ideas that will help any hostess to clean up the house

To revive the interior of the apartment, it is not necessary to undertake repairs, you just need to get rid of unnecessary things or use our tricks how to clean up the house.

1.Store for various household items

2. Painted old boxes as new functional shelves

3. Separate containers for storing bathroom accessories for each family member.

4. Plastic tool storage containers

5. Several high shelves

6. Vintage box as a shelf for soap supplies

7. Metal shelves

8. Multicolored and stylish toy containers.

9. Shelves can also be a highlight of the designer interior.

10. Multifunctional shelves

11. Box for stationery trifles

12. Creative and stylish organizers

13. Storage Cabinet

14. Great idea for storing shoes, umbrellas and outerwear.

15. Kitchen cabinet with a lot of shelves

16. Organization of kitchen space

17. Rack for bathroom

18. Vintage product drawers

19. Many boxes in the office

20. The more shelves, the better!