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Cedar from a nutlet: we grow up saplings for landing on a site

Magnificent coniferous aroma and tasty nuts - this is the majestic cedar tree. If you want to plant a cedar on your plot, and you can’t get seedlings anywhere, grow a pine nut yourself! It is not difficult, and the main task here is strict adherence to instructions.

There are several ways to grow pine nut seedlings. First of all, you will need high-quality planting material (fully ripe, tasty nuts in the shell). It is best to use nuts from different batches. For high seed germination in all cases, stratification is required - this is the aging of the nuts in low temperature and high humidity conditions.

If the seeds are obtained in late summer or autumn, then the nuts can simply be planted in the ground, and by spring you will see seedlings - provided that the planting material was of high quality.

Another method will also take time, but already less than the previous one. Prepare the ground for planting (sawdust + sand). Place seeds in the ground, moisten well with a spray bottle and place on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator for at least 3 months. As it dries, the soil is slightly moistened with water. After the specified time, the seeds are obtained, treated with a weak solution of potassium permanganate (about 2-5 days) and planted in the ground.

There is also a more accelerated method of forming seedlings. Nuts must be free from mold, without cracks, fully ripe. For fidelity, open up a couple of pieces and try - good pine nuts should have a pleasant but oily characteristic taste and smell without impurities.

So, peel the nuts off, you can also rub the peeled nuts with a soft toothbrush to remove the resin. Then put the nuts in cold water with a temperature no higher than 0 degrees. Keeping nuts in this condition should be 4 days. To keep the temperature stable low, periodically ice cubes can be put into the container. An important point: in 2-3-4 days, the nuts will begin to fall to the bottom - this is an indicator of their suitability for disembarkation. Those nuts that have fallen to the bottom, can be planted in the ground, the temperature of which should be equal to 15 degrees. Now we can only wait for germination.

Another way to grow a cedar from a nutlet, see the video below: