For the House and Cottages

Wicker basket for the house of the material that everyone has exactly

When plastic bags accumulate in a terrifying view of the mountain, you involuntarily begin to think about where to put them. If you care about the environment and want to reuse plastic bags with benefits, then we suggest you weave such a simple, but durable and comfortable basket for the house. All you need for work is plastic bags (51 bags left for such a basket) and a thread with a needle.

First you need to prepare the material for the job - "yarn" of the packages. To do this, cut off the top and bottom of the package, cut it slightly along the side and cut into equal length segments, as shown in the photo below.

Now from 3 pieces should weave a pigtail. Hang three strips, for example, on a nail and weave one of them into an ordinary pigtail.

Weave not to the end, because then you need to attach the following strips. In order not to suffer, stitching the pigtails together manually with a needle, at the end of the weaving of the pigtails on the nail just take 3 more strips and tie them with a double knot, and then continue to weave the braid as usual. Continue to weave not very tight and not very weak, until all the packages run out.

Now there is a final touch - the assembly of the basket. From the pigtail should fold the snail, which will serve as the bottom and bottom of the basket, along the way, you need to tie the rows of the snail manually.

When the base is ready, start tying the pigtail to the base up. Try to make the same thread tension throughout the work so that the basket is strong and level.

At the end you need to hide the tip of the pigtail. The work is over!