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5 types of women's coats: choose the main element of the autumn wardrobe

There are at least 5 classic types of coats to which you should take a closer look before the real autumn colds come. Each of the coats comes from the distant 1850-1900, but, of course, in our time, the classic cut has undergone some changes. Let's move on a century and a half ago and see how the fashion has changed, which today offers us a huge selection of coats, and also choose the option according to your taste for this autumn.
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17 people who have done body embroidery

Tattoo and embroidery are two amazing forms of art that, however, can be combined. At least tattoo artists decided to do this, they launched a trend for "embroidery" tattoos. Agree, from afar looks like a picture, embroidered satin stitch. New style offers to combine folk design, adding a bit of uniqueness to it.
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